Money is Time

Time is Money. Money is Time.

I was talking to Katherine about this earlier today, it was something I was getting really worked up on. The other day I had read an article called “The twenty ways you are wasting your 20’s.” A lot of things made sense. Some things I felt differently about. However this one thing hit me like lightning. Time is Money. Money is Time. The direction of saying this was more geared towards spending money on things you don’t need. If you are wasting one then you are wasting the other. We put our time in at work and it is converted into a currency in which we use to buy things in the material world. It got me thinking about what I get out of my job. I calculated it today and my next paycheck should reach $300. Might not even. It depends on the next couple of days but it’s possible. Anyways, when you break it down, fifteen minutes of my time is worth $1.82. When you think about it like that it seems so little. I’m putting in close to 40 hours in these two weeks too. It’s like… is that all my time amounts up to?

Katherine tells me that it may not feel like it but she’s sure I’ve gained more out of it then just money. Which is true. Experience and helping people mostly. That only goes so far in my opinion though. Maybe in different circumstances but I don’t think I’ve gained too much. I actually believe I’ve gotten more outside of work. Learning how to approach strangers. Personal development. Seacret. Anything that got me out of my comfort zone. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can think of that I fear at work, except quitting maybe, I’m just afraid of burning the bridge on accident I guess.  Although she did mention I helped people, I helped customers and that is something commendable.

After that she said something totally untrue though. She said everyone has to grow up and work for everyone else, If one person doesn’t work no one else can work. I was like uh uh girlfrand, you did not. It’s kind of a narrow idea. I love the girl but it gives me the impression that her mind could be a little more open. Like the alien thing. I don’t know if they are out there but in a universe this big and a planet like us as an example, but there is a damn good chance is life on another planet. Anyways, maybe that’s what we’re taught as kids from our parents. They say “go to school, get good grades, get a good job” because that’s what they did. The difference of how effective that is today versus the days our parents were our age is completely different. It’s tough out there, especially if you live in California. My mother tells me all the time “at very least get a good job like me.” Now she’s trying to get us out of where we live and she’s worried about our financial situation. That’s like a red flag to me saying “Good Job” is not enough. At least to be able to support yourself comfortably and independently. I’m not knocking that system, it’s not bad, the majority of this country needs to work otherwise our capitalist system wouldn’t work as well. Getting a job means you’re being leveraged though. Meaning you get paid whatever your boss decides. You get raises whenever your boss decides. You can get fired at any given moment. Oh and retirement, If you’re looking to retire good luck because social security is a joke.

The people who don’t work for someone and make the most money aren’t exceptions, they just think differently. Note to self I really need to go read think and grow rich. My boss for example. According to Robert Kiyosaki’s cash flow quadrant my boss would fall under Self-Employed because he owns his restaraunt, he staffs his business, all that jazz. Also though he would fall under the Investor quadrant because he’s capable of sending his money out to do work for him. He invests in projects (I think real estate related) and get’s a ton of interest in return. I know he does other things too. He’s always driving different cars and knows a lot of people who deal with cars so I would guess that theres some investing going on there too. Although I don’t believe I have that mindset quite yet, this is what I wish to attain. I would bet that he’s had a day/week/month that he made more outside of where we work then I have made in my entire life.

Wow… I get so fired up haha. This was like the weirdest vent ever and I feel like I threw it at her. I feel a little bad but then again I feel kind of good. The beautiful thing about two people with two different ideas is that they have the potential to expand each others minds though. Although I thought she did say something narrow minded she reminded me of some positive things about my time at my job. She took me to places I didn’t quite reach by myself. She also took quite a positive side too which I admired. Makes me a little excited. Dynamics like this definitely make for interesting conversation.


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